CRO Champions

These teams have earned Cyber Rally-O championship titles. Teams are listed in the same order as on the “Teams With Titles” documents. Some entries were selected by the handlers. Some were chosen by me and are public on YouTube. (NOTE: This page is not yet completed.)

P-CRO-CH (Rally, Performance Division)

Kim and Fly

Kate and Lucy

Sandy and Stella

Jude and Misty

Kim and Banner

Mary and Piglet

Susanna and Travvy

Vanessa and Kirby

Jude and Dusty

T-CRO-CH (Rally, Traditional Division)

Lisa and Copper

Rally Level Championships)


Kim and Fly

Jude and Dusty

Kim and Banner

Kristine and Tessa

Renee and Oscar

Lynn and Gitmo

Lynette and Holly

Vanessa and Kirby

Karen and Willow

CRO Dance (Fixed Patterns)


Anne and Scarlet

Pat and Chase

Carolyn and Bigzbee

Sue and Charm