Demos – Dance Patterns

Clips of teams other than Jude and Dusty are public on YouTube and are actual qualifying entries.  Permission to post here has not been requested and these clips will be removed if the featured handler wishes.

Preliminary)  90 Degree Foxtrot  (Kate and Donny)

(Preliminary)  Figure 8 Waltz

(Preliminary)  Scenic Route Tango

(Pre-Bronze)  Come Fore Foxtrot (1/2 pattern Weave Option, 1/2 pattern Non-Weave Option)

(Pre-Bronze)  Multi Circle Waltz

(Pre-Bronze)  Walk Around Tango

(Bronze)  Pinnacle Waltz (single round, repeat for entry)

(Bronze)  Transition Foxtrot (single round shown, repeat for entry)

(Bronze)  Zig Zag  (Vanessa and Kirby)

(Pre-Silver)  Busy Vees  (Sue and Charm)

(Pre-Silver)  Circle Me Rhumba

(Pre-Silver)  Fooled You Once Cha Cha

(Silver)  Lollipop Spiral  (Sue and Charm)

(Silver)  Serpentine Switchback

(Silver)  Transition Triangles  (Sue and Charm)

(Pre-Gold)  Blind Cross Serpentine

(Pre-Gold)  Center Stage  (Sue and Charm)

(Pre-Gold)  Come Fore Foxtrot – Advanced  (Sue and Charm)

(Gold)  In Motion Paso Doble

(Gold) Contrasts and Combos  (Sue and Charm)

(Gold)  Contrasts and Combos   (Anne and Scarlett)

(Gold)  Peaks and Valleys  (Sue and Charm)