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Welcome to Cyber Rally-O!  You and your dog can earn rally and musical freestyle titles on your own time schedule and in places of your own selection.

Ask questions and join the discussions at the our Facebook group and our Yahoo group . CRO participants make up a friendly, helpful community of dog sport enthusiasts.

Check out our sister site All Dogs Parkour. Dogs registered with Cyber Rally-O  can register with All Dogs Parkour without charge.


Founded in September of 2011, Cyber Rally-O was the first video venue for rally obedience.  From its inception it has combined traditional rally with advanced obedience, freestyle, and agility exercises. CRO now offers two rally divisions, a dance division (musical freestyle), and a junior division.

It is the policy of CRO to accommodate dogs and handlers with physical challenges as well as senior dogs. Jumps and heights are optional for all dogs. Leashes are optional at all levels. Dogs with disabilities as well as dogs with fear or aggression issues can participate safely and successfully.


Demos – Rally Exercises


Please read the exercise descriptions carefully before submitting your entries. There are options for most Stops, Call Fronts, and Finishes.

Level I   (Note that Exercises 20 and 24 are different from similar exercises in other venues.)

Level II

Level III

Level IV  Exercises 1-5

Level IV Exercises 6-12

Level IV Exercises 13-17

Level IV Exercises 18-23

Level V Exercises 1-5

Level V Exercises 6-10

Level V Exercises 11-16

Level V Exercises 17-21

Level V Exercises 22-25