Cyber Rally-O: Welcome!

Welcome to Cyber Rally-O! Your successful participation in this venue is our goal.

You and your dog can earn titles, including championships, in five levels of rally as well as in the seven levels of the Dance Division. CRO is a fun venue, but it is also very challenging. Many of the rally exercises appear in no other rally venue, and the Dance Division is the first time anywhere that fixed pattern dances have been offered as a titling event.

Cyber Rally-O was inspired by the innovative Virtual Agility League. Shy or reactive dogs and handlers with ring nerves can show in a relaxed, comfortable area of their own choosing. CRO offers you the opportunity to develop your skills, have fun, and earn titles without travel and without taking your dog into a trial environment.

ALL teams are welcome to enjoy this experience. Dogs and/or handlers with physical challenges will find Cyber Rally-O to be very accommodating.

Download the Rules and Guidelines for more information about how to get started in Cyber Rally-O.

If you have any questions, please join our Yahoo! Group and ask them there.

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